[English Version] Programme Local Election 2023 SPD Lübeck

Social Affairs and Health

  • Securing livelihoods and tackling poverty
  • Basic energy supply for all
  • The preservation and modernisation of services for senior citizens in municipal hands

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • an overall concept for tackling poverty.
  • to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place.
  • to ensure medical care and social support in counselling centres.
  • to maintain the city’s facilities for the elderly and making them fit for the future.
  • the expansion and further development of alternative and assisted forms of housing.
  • participation for people with disabilities.
  • to support people in mental and psychological crises.
  • securing and developing networked support services further in the city districts
  • to provide sufficient places in women’s shelters, counselling centres and projects for violence prevention and debt counselling.
  • to promote the self-organisation and counselling of migrants.

Building and Living

  • Creating and preserving new and affordable housing
  • Promoting climate-neutral urban development with more urban participation
  • Improving the quality of life in the city districts

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • to create 5000 new flats by 2030, at least 30% of them subsidised
  • to offer municipal loans to finance publicly subsidised housing and provide special support for families
  • climate-neutral urban development with clear rules for land usage planning and house building
  • to continue to designate new residential areas and create areas for commercial development with foresight
  • a forward-facing urban building land policy through more urban land acquisition
  • attractive housing with shopping facilities and services around the corner
  • to create new and future-oriented forms of housing – e.g. tiny-houses and living on and by the water
  • to continue to renovate schools and other public buildings as well as roads and bridges.
  • to promote student housing
  • no sale of contiguous building plots

Climate, Energy and Environment

  • The increased usage of renewable energies
  • A reduced usage of land
  • The development of more green spaces in all parts of the city

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • climate neutrality by 2035
  • independent electricity supply by 2035
  • to protect the people of Lübeck from damage caused by floods, heavy rainfall, storms and heat
  • to purchase new municipal vehicles with climate-friendly
  • to drive technologies that keep rivers and lakes clean
  • energy-efficient renovations and construction methods as well as heating systems in heating networks
  • pioneering solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
  • green spaces and allotment gardens for a healthy microclimate
  • to further strengthen the „Fair Trade City“ in its sustainability
  • to preserve biodiversity


  • The rehabilitation and new construction of footpaths and cycle paths

  • The expansion of attractive public transport

  • The introduction of free bus travel in Lübeck for all pupils, trainees and people doing voluntary work.

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • to renovate the network of footpaths and cycle paths and make it barrier-free
  • to distribute road space more equitably for all road users
  • to build cycle superhighways so that cyclists can travel quickly and safely.
  • to make it easier to switch between public transport (buses and trains) and cycling.
  • bus services in „Lübeck-Takt“ (main routes every 10 minutes)
  • to make public transport more affordable for the citizens of Lübeck.
  • to make rail transport more attractive (half-hourly intervals and additional stops)
  • to maintain the Bäderbahn railway service at the Bay of Lübeck
  • to reorganise parking management and look for suitable solutions with the participation of local residents.
  • to launch the „0-€-Ticket“ for pupils, trainees and people doing voluntary work.

Children, Youth and Family

  • Good quality day care centres and day care for children

  • Modernising family-, children’s and youth centres

  • Diverse participation possibilities in the city districts

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • free education from nursery school to school-leaving certificate within the scope of the city’s possibilities.
  • to improve working conditions for staff in day-care centres across all types of centres and including „help for education“, also by increasing staff numbers.
  • to improve the compatibility of family and work
  • to better coordinate holiday closing times between day-care centres and all-day schools in the city districts
  • to establish a substitution system for day care for children
  • to strengthen and expand family centres in the city districts
  • to develop and expand open children’s and youth work
  • to create both mobile and digital services for children and youths as well as new forms of services additional to all-day schools.
  • to establish meeting places for young people in the varying neighbourhoods with the participation of young people and local residents.
  • to offer democracy education and a variety of participation opportunities for children and young people in the different neighbourhoods


  • Educational equity

  • Maintaining educational facilities to modern standards

  • Well-accompanied transitions between the „educational stages“

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • to give every child individual support at an early stage so that they can live in our society on an equal footing and in a self-determined manner.
  • inclusion with individual promotion and support right from the start
  • successful transitions from school to work, also by strengthening the Youth Employment Agency.
  • to make transitions between educational institutions smoother and more accessible
  • to evaluate and continue our initiatives to expand the school‘ social work.
  • to design and implement school development planning with the close involvement of those concerned.
  • to expand the quality of all-day education at all schools and strengthen cooperation with clubs and associations.
  • to ensure that the schools are equipped with modern educational facilities and materials.
  • to continue the Lübeck Education Fund together with the foundations in a needs-oriented and unbureaucratic manner
  • to promote lifelong and in-service learning in compatibility with family and career

Economy, Work and University

  • Secure and good jobs

  • Climate-friendly growth

  • Strengthening the craft sector

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • to implement and update the „Port Development Plan 2030“.
  • to support environmentally compatible shipping traffic
  • to use construction law instruments to develop sustainable industrial estates
  • to develop soft tourism by updating the „Tourism Development Concept 2030“ and not create any new hotels
  • a fair tourism tax
  • to avoid vacancies and increase the quality of life in the city centre by promoting creative ideas for area design
  • an efficient broadband/fibre optic network and a strong electricity grid to promote e-mobility with sufficient charging points.
  • to promote Lübeck with its university location and provide suitable space for start-up companies
  • to create affordable housing for trainees, students and skilled workers in order to attract them to Lübeck.
  • to strengthen the skilled crafts sector


  • Cultural education and participation for all

  • A conscious approach to the culture of remembrance

  • The preservation of Lübeck’s diversity in the cultural programme

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • cultural participation for all
  • to continue to invest in diverse culture and thus in education, social meeting and creative spaces.
  • to bring a cultural programme to the different city districts
  • to develop the city libraries in the city centre and in the districts
  • to use digital means without losing the analogue ones. All cultural institutions should become part of the digital strategy of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.
  • to maintain tariff loyalty in the municipal theatre and carry out the necessary renovations
  • to support the diverse theatre scene
  • to provide fair remuneration for teachers in Lübeck’s music and art schools
  • to strengthen the museum association and implement and further develop the „Museum Development Plan 2020-2030“
  • to reflect consciously on Lübeck’s history. This includes the culture of remembrance, the critical approach to monuments and the tradition of the Hanseatic League and Hanseatic culture.

Sport and Leisure

  • Promoting competitive, amateur and recreational sport

  • Attractive places for leisure activities

  • Planning playgrounds and schoolyards creatively

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For all of Lübeck we want

  • consistently implement and further develop the sports development plan
  • to establish and support regional youth performance centres in various sports in connection with schools that  focus on the promotion of a specific sport.
  • to establish important venues for sport such as the gymnastics hall in Kücknitz and the hall at Falkenwiese with a focus on athletics
  • to ensure coordinated financial support for organised sport
  • to continue to support the Travemünde Week in sailing and non-commercial activities
  • to build outdoor sports facilities for everyone in the city districts, similar to the facility next to the Mühlentor administration centre
  • to design recreational and competitive sports facilities for young people, e.g. skate parks, with greenery and seating.
  • to promote the connection between club and recreational sports and expand the possibilities for recreational athletes to use club’s grounds.
  • to maintain and renew playgrounds. We will create barrier-free playgrounds with playground equipment that is also suitable for children with disabilities.
  • meeting places and green spaces for recreational activities in all parts of the city.

Open Society, Administration and Internal Security

  • Tolerance and respect for all people in Lübeck

  • Investments in social tasks, education, culture and climate

  • The further strengthening of a service-oriented administration

are core demands of social democratic policy.

For the whole of Lübeck we want

  • to implement the European Charter for Equality between Women and Men.
  • to reduce all forms of right-wing extremism and hostility within urban society
  • to eliminate areas of fear and strengthen the sense of security in all parts of the city
  • a well-kept cityscape. To this end, we will redesign the existing „Clean Lübeck“ concept and campaign for the „yellow bin“.
  • to maintain the high standard of our fire brigades in Lübeck
  • to prioritise social issues in our spending and continue to invest in the infrastructure of the city’s districts, in education, culture and climate protection.
  • that the citizens should be able to understand how much money is spent on what in the Hanseatic City.
  • to create administrative services in the city districts where citizens can obtain all services in one place
  • to expand citizen participation, taking into account the interests of all social groups
  • to enable applications to be submitted online, introduce the „digital building file“ and use digitalisation in the municipal administration.